Deformability Cytometry Device and Software

an image of the Naiad, Rivercyte's Deformability Cytometry device.
Naiad is a standalone device for researchers who need a tool to conduct deformability cytometry for the physical phenotyping of cells.
the cytoplot logo
CytoPlot is an exploration tool for analyzing Deformability Cytometry data.

Consumables for Deformability Cytometry

an image of a microfluidic chip used in Deformability Cytometry
Microfluidic Chips house the channels where cell imaging takes place. They are made of PDMS and placed on a glass cover slip.
a bottle of methylcellulose measurement buffer for use in Deformability Cytometry
Methylcellulose measurement buffer is the viscous liquid which is used to direct cells through the Microfluidic Chips for measurement.
an image of replacement tubing for the Naiad Deformability Cytometry device.
The Naiad Fluidics Kit contains the replacement tubing for the Naiad device from the sample to the microfluidic chip.
an image of some waste collection tubes for use in the Naiad Deformability Cytometry device.
Waste Collection Tubes are used to collect waste from samples as they exit the microfluidic cell during Deformability Cytometry.

Microgel Beads with Tunable Mechanical Properties

a microscopic image of Rivercyte's microgel beads
Microgel Beads imitate the mechanical properties of cells, and are suitable for establishing a baseline for further procedures.